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What is it good for?

Passwords, Credit-Card-Numbers, Key-Codes, Voucher-Codes etc etc...

All those things should never be sent directly via e-mail or SMS! These communication channels are insecure because messages are not encrypted by default. A malicious user can easily gain access to your messages and steal secret or valuable information.

There are ways to secure those communication channels like PGP for email, but most of them are far from trivial to use and understand.

How does it work?

Burn-Notice relies on the simple principle of a shared secret - a security question that only sender and recipient know about. We do not store the answer in our database, it's just used as a password during the encryption process. This makes it impossible to access a Burn-Notice unless you know the correct password to decrypt it.

Following the burn after reading approach, a Burn-Notice will get destroyed immidiately after it has been read, making it impossible for a 3rd party to gain access to the information after the fact.

Interested in more detail? Check out our FAQs!